Comedy is under attack by PC culture.

Comedy is important to me because its the best way to spend downtime while I'm working on my art, website, or just taking the entire day off. It started going in a direction nobody wanted to see it go. With all the damage that had been done by the attack of the PC culture,
Could it ever be saved? All it took was three comedians determined to murder harder than they ever thought was possible and saving the art of comedy, and bringing it back stronger than ever before.
First, we had Dave Chappelle come out firing at the alphabet people and that French actor, Juicy Smolier, Bill Burr goes off on male & female feminist and thank god he spoke up against Colin Kaepernick. Then there was a little thing called. The Golden Globes that was hosted (for the 5th and final time) by Ricky Gervais. This maniac decided to go up against the Hollywood elite and remind them how far outside of reality they live and how their voice isn't as powerful as they would like to believe and nobody really cares what they have to say.  Everyone outside of Hollywood was so thankful he stood up for all of us and put them in check.
All three men took the stage with one thing in common. They went up on stage with one goal, to save comedy before the PC culture destroyed it forever. Performing their art uncensored the way they envisioned it being done without the fear of telling a career-ending joke. Not only did they save comedy they went out on the stage with nothing to lose to shut down a toxic movement and give the people hope for the future. I couldn't think of three better comedians to send these snowflakes and #SJW's into a triggering overload and let the PC culture know they will no longer be silenced. Your Safe Spaces will no longer be located anywhere near a comedy show and yes they're going to say offensive things if you dont like it, then don't listen. Nobody else is having the same issues as you because they have thicker skin and takes it for what it is. A funny and somewhat offensive "JOKE"...
Thank you, gentlemen, for three of the greatest comedy acts ever seen.
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